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Dr. KK's column The Good Life in 435 South Magazine 

435 South
    July 2012 The Funny Life

    May 2012 Make Mom Happy on Mother's Day    

    April 2012 Pay it Inward   

    March 2012 A New Look at Mindfulness

    February 2012 With a Little Help from My Friends

    January 2012 Curiosity: A Revolutionary New Year's Revolution

    December 2011 A Holiday Gift for the Soul

    October 2011  Good News About Good News

    August 2011  Generosity: It's What's for Dinner

Dr. KK featured in Midwest CEO Magazine 

"This is a story about faith, hope, courage, kindness and positive psychology as a billboard on your body that could change the world..."

Click here for full article written by David Hodes

Dr. KK answers questions about optimism in Enhance Magazine