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At Wellness & Wellbeing Solutions, LLC, Dr. Kristin Koetting is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations reach their potential. Dr. Koetting's approach to helping her clients reach their potential is through positive change. She asks questions remarkably different than what you might expect, such as, "What is right with you? What are your strengths?"  Through coaching, psychotherapy, consulting, and training programs, Dr. Koetting can help you discover and implement the solutions to maximize your wellness and well-being in various areas such as:

physical health, emotional health, relationships, life goals, talent, happiness,
career, parenting, leisure, creativity, mindfulness, spirituality....

Dr. Kristin “KK” Koetting is a national award-winning licensed psychologist, magazine columnist, and renowned expert in positive psychology and health psychology.  Her extensive training and experiences as a scientist and a practitioner give her the unique advantage of being on the cutting edge of scientific advancements, and the ability to translate scientific findings into practical skills and programs. Her vast experiences as a therapist, consultant, professor and speaker can help you find your wellness and well-being solutions.

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